Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

Easy and delish, I wonder that I can post something so simple. The purple sweet potato hails from Asia and in the States, can be found organic in health food markets. The conventional is sprayed – even out of Asia. This sweet potato is exceptionally sweet and tastes like candy bread. Steaming will make it moist and soft. In cooler season, roasting helps draw heat energy into the body.

ppotatesmainBuy produce as heavy and unblemished as possible. The heavier the raw fruit or vegetable, the fresher with more moisture. Heat oven to 375 degrees. Scrub sweet potato well with fingers or brush and cut off any obvious sore spots, keeping as much of the nutrient-rich skin intact. You can roast whole but because my son enjoys it as user-friendly finger food (and to shave cooking time), I slice it about 1/4″ thick. Lay out the circles on parchment paper, sprinkle with some quality sea salt. I use celtic gray. You can have fun here and try some spices. Brush with quality butter or ghee if you do dairy, or oil with a high smoke point. But I wanted to show you the no-frills in-a-hurry version with not even butter or oil. Lay the parchment on a metal tray or aluminum foil (with the shiny side touching the oven rack, as the shine is chemical P1050867coating). Roast 20 minutes, flipping halfway with tongs or fork though that’s not necessary. That’s it! When time allows, I go a little longer at about 300 degrees and watch for burns. Lower and slower are better for food in general with greater retention of nutrients.

This potato is wonderful travel food, so filling. I pop the pieces hot right into a thermos before leaving home and so serve them very warm with nuts, chlorella, or kale chips – or often, alone. As a complex carbohydrate, sweet potato will satisfy hunger longer and more healthily than regular potato. Yes, ironically full with nature’s own sugar. It’s hard to enjoy other varieties once you’ve had the purple.

25 thoughts on “Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

      • No, I’m in Germany, in Cologne (western Germany). Finding sweet potatoes is not so easy here as they aren’t staple foods and aren’t grown here, I think they’re mostly imported from the US. But the area where I live has a lot of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries, and many of them run grocery stores which sell a variety of fruits and vegs you wouldn’t find at a regular supermarket, such as sweet potatoes, different kinds of squashes, 3-feet long edible dandelions, chard, broccoli rabe, etc. With a little luck I’ll find purple sweet potatoes there.

        • Perfect: those smaller stores indeed are where you will most likely find them. We get them from Asia, actually. Out here, the smaller ethnic groceries are where we get quality meat and produce at cheaper prices than the chain markets, too. =)

          • I went to the Asian food store and a Middle Eastern food store today but they just had the orange ones. Boo. 😦 Probably I’ll have more luck in a different season as the offers vary with seasons a little. Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t have luck to get them at all. But fortunately the orange ones also taste nice baked, that’s in fact my favorite way to prepare them as I find cooking makes them become kind of wobbly. 😛

  1. This is one of my all-time favorites snacks!!!! ^^ Yum Yum!!!!
    My mom gets the produce managers of grocery markets to give her a call whenever a new shipment arrives so she could get the freshest. Go Mom!

  2. Destiny suggests that this colorful sweet potato belongs on my plate. Up until about a week ago and now today, I’d never heard of anything other than a white or orange sweet potato. There’s a health food market located near me… I cannot wait to get pick up a few of these treats. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is really delish. Swt potatoes are a cool weather crop but California’s seasons (as in seasonal food) run longer for the sun so maybe you’ll find it. Let me know!

      H Chef =)

  3. We love these purple prizes in our nest, we harvest our own from the garden and they are preferred baked as chips here too. We add a little red pepper for a little kick. Happy Nesting.

    • They are intensely sweet. =) Thank you for the hearty support, Catherine. I’m afraid I can’t keep up this site the way I can my personal blog. I hope the info’s useful, though. =)

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