Coconut Amaranth Porridge ~ Peter’s Porridge

A sweet, thick, gluey, protein punch of a breakfast  P1020966

Amaranth is an ancient uberfood.  Good for the lungs, high in protein, fiber, bioavailable calcium and other minerals.  The cooked texture is like that of caviar or fish roe.  My husband fast fell in love with it.  He asked for it so often I’ve christened it in his honor.  My own reaction was less dramatic but I’ve come to like it a lot.  Our boy loves amaranth balls out of the oven, even plain.

A diet based on whole grains and vegetables is said to lend spiritual clarity and enlightenment.  Peter and I enjoy a running joke that his amaranth cures his A.D.D. and transfigures him into a sage.  My simple man would spout the most profound insights while literally ruminating.  (One recent day, he was searching for a word while talking over his breakfast bowl and decided, “I need more amaranth.”  Chewing thoughtfully, Peter pulled the shy word off the cusp of his brain: “disarming… are more disarming than…”  I was stunned by the recharged verbiage.)

The seeds are so small I had trouble draining the bath water without losing so many.  Cheesecloth worked but without another pair of hands, I would still lose a precious batch.  The most hopeful colanders and sieves I came across were not tight enough to trap the amaranth. Then I came across this mesh oil strainer at a kitchen supply store next to the H Mart Korean Market in Diamond Bar, CA.  Only $3.99, 6″ in diameter, the length of my hand.  Perfect.

P1020975For their expansive nature, vegetables, fruit, or something naturally sweet in the morning keeps us in sync with the rising energy of the day.  Fruit is best eaten alone for smoother digestion.  But when cooked into another food, it doesn’t ferment in the G.I. as problematically.  Coconut manna, aka coconut butter, is decadent whole dried coconut.  I added 3 T of the Nutiva organic the last 15 minutes so as not to overcook it while giving it time to meld in.  This would be a great time to add some cinnamon powder.  Since amaranth is cooling, the spice helps balance the body in the morning chill.  I try to contrast color in every meal, and so drizzled on some blackstrap molasses to finish off just before enjoying.  Peter loves organic raw honey here.  Color is no random whim of nature, but serves each a purpose.  Dark color food tends to be more warming.

See How to Prepare Whole Grains for water to amaranth ratio.  For a moderate amount up to about 3 servings, the porridge will be ready in 25, 30 minutes, but high heat kills precious nutrients so I run it about 40 minutes on low.  This bowl was part of a 6-serving pot.  After bringing to boil on high the first 15 minutes, I promptly simmered on low another 45 minutes.


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