Black Rice Amaranth Porridge

P1030048Dead Ringer for Peanut Butter Fudge Something or Other
This will look yum on a large screen if you’re thinking “sinful dessert” but might look less than appetizing on a phone or small tablet.

See How to Prepare Whole Grains to prepare the black rice, aka Forbidden Rice. It is so rich in antioxidants, the emperors of China kept it from the commoners in the good old days. Each grain was cooked in its own pot.  This thick black-tan grain combo is my favorite for the contrast of texture, color, thermal energy. This particular morning, I added a dollop of roasted almond butter and a spoonful of raw honey just before relishing. I use sweeteners sparingly, as too much can cause problems.  Scooped out a tad bit more than I’d meant to this time.


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