How to Cook Beans

Soak 12 hours or overnight with about triple the amount of water to cover beans as they expand. Prepare less than you think you want because they bulk up.

1. Boil with extra water, at least double the amount of beans.
2. Half-lid the pot and turn up heat but keep on your toes to catch the boiling.
3. After about 15 minutes, pour out or skim off the froth, the GAS you don’t want to be blowing out.

4. Replenish water with about double the amt of beans.
5. Recover boil, add a small strip of kombu to balance the proteins and oils in the legumes and make them more digestible. Simmer another hour or until beans are soft.
6, Add acidic foods like vinegar, lemon, or tomato and the sea salt the last 10 min or the beans won’t soften.
7. Spices like cumin, coriander, dill, turmeric, dried ginger go well with beans and make them tasty.

With beans, you’ll want to back off before you feel full. The happy satiety will come a bit after your last bite and keep you a good long while.

Children under 18 months have difficulty digesting most legumes.

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