Amaranth Oatmeal

P1020982One starch at a time digests best.  Max, two.   I like the combination of oatmeal and amaranth.  The catarrh (mucus) that the first can exacerbate when eaten alone is offset by the drying property of the second.  And oats are warming, amaranth cooling.  I just added some gluten-free oatmeal (which had cooked in its own pot) on a bed of amaranth, and drizzled some blackstrap for an extra load of minerals and color. A couple of nuts or seeds would provide, among other things, a balance of hard and soft textures.


10 thoughts on “Amaranth Oatmeal

  1. Whenever I eat oatmeal, I have digestive problems for a full week. I wonder if it is due to its catarrh enhancing properties? Wish I could find some amaranth nearby, I’ll have to check out Amazon. It would be so great to be able to eat oatmeal!

    • Catarrh is more upper respiratory. I just do the gluten-free oats from Trader Joe’s. Where are you? So I might suggest a source for amaranth if you’re in the States. And thanks for the hearty support on both my blogs.

      • I’m in the USA too, Oklahoma. There are health food stores around here, I’ll have to try the gluten-free oats, they won’t be hard to find out here. 🙂

        Oh, insofar as your blog, you deserve follower support because of all of your worthwhile, helpful information! 🙂

        • I only feel guiltier with more followers for not being able to build the site. I worked incredibly hard on this one — but then the Holistic Journey took off and that alone is quite a labor of love. I strive to provide content. I just can’t do it all, with the homeschooling. I’ll let you know if a co-op I’m with that services over half the country goes to Oklah (by refrigerated/frzr truck). If I don’t get back to you, it means it doesn’t. Soaking and pouring off the phytic water are the most important steps you can take – I do that even with my rolled oats. That might render it more digestible for you. Feel free to pass on the site to family and friends or FBk it. Again, not a blog I’m promoting this season. But it’s been a useful reference for many.


          • Oh definitely, yours is a very useful blog and I think I have already linked back to you from my main facebook account. Keep up the good work and things in perspective, home schooling is #1 priority right now. 🙂

        • Thanks for FBing.

          I strongly recommend this co-op farm out of Oregon. You are NEVER spammed – but will need to register to view prices.

          Sadie in Cust Srvc told me they do service Oregon. You can email her your zip code, let her know Diana from CA referred you. See if there is a open drop point near you. Truck arrives once a month and there is no ongoing obligation or membership fees. If you can order $50 worth any month you choose and your group meets the minimum, you can enjoy the discounts on rotated products on top of the prices reduced over health food stores. Their grain is the freshest. We get our amaranth there. I hope to post on teff before the year is up – it’s g-free and breadlike even cooked in water.


          The best way to reach me for fast, personal reply is at

          Let me know if you hop on with Azure. I bet they carry the products your local health food store does, many for less $.

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