Amaranth Oat Balls


I rolled day-old cooked amaranth and bits of cooked gluten-free oatmeal into balls, together the width of a quarter.  My mantra: high-heat-kills-nutrients.  300 degrees, 50 minutes, depending on the thickness of your porridges.  Dip into or drizzle on blackstrap molasses.  If I’m going to sweeten something, I like to maximize the nutritional benefits.  Blackstrap is famous for its iron.  My boy scarfs these down.


2 thoughts on “Amaranth Oat Balls

  1. First Person/Eyewitness Testimony: AHEM, I feel honored that I’ve tasted your Amaranth Oat Balls in Tennyson’s company 🙂
    It was amazing… and the aftertaste: delightful calmness
    (I actually preferred the amaranth oat balls waaay more than the restuarant food that was before me… remember we were at the Thai place… Was I so obvious? ‘Cuz I remember you gave me another amaranth oat ball to partake and Tennyson was happy to share his Mom’s goods.)

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